Upgrade to Your Full Potential

We are born with the innate ability to reach our full potential, like a powerful device. Our motherboard, so to speak, is the most advanced there is, with the potential of its own evolution built in. It is capable of self-upgrading to its highest possibilities.

But the different kinds of software we have downloaded in the past, in various phases of our life conditioning, have mostly been like limited trial versions –– just the basics and nothing more. To bring our full potential to blossom, we need to upgrade to the Pro version. That Pro version includes the functions and capabilities of seeing and experiencing more subtle reality –– boundless love, compassion, and joyful kindness.  

You have a choice of upgrades. You can upgrade to mindfulness, just enough of an improvement to make the trial version work slightly better. Or you can upgrade to boundless love, compassion, and kindness. And there’s yet another choice: you can get the bundle that includes everything! In one sense, upgrading your life is just like upgrading your phone or another device. Whichever upgrade you choose, you need to fully accept and agree to it.


1. We are born with our full potential, like a powerful device

2. We need to upgrade our basic life software to the Pro version

3. Upgrading allows us to see more subtle reality, boundless joy, and kindness

4. We can just improve our trial version of life with a little mindfulness, or go with the Pro bundle and live fully.


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